A tale of less pride and prejudice, tome 2 : Second Glances de Alexa Adams

Présentation de l'éditeur : “Yes, but he is Darcy, after all. Can you imagine the lady who would reject him?”
Sir James laughed. “I don't know; if he had made a muddle of a first impression upon his wife, as I have on Miss Bennet, then perhaps his gentlemanly status would have undergone similar attack.”
A year has passed since the conclusion of First Impressions, and the marriages made by the three eldest Bennet ladies are prospering. Expectations are high for the two youngest sisters to do equally well. Kitty, having excelled in school, receives an invitation to join Georgiana Darcy in her first London season, leaving Lydia to bear the burden of the classroom alone. Will the most forward Bennet tolerate such inequity?
Kitty arrives in London prepared to be happy, but her delight is marred when she finds a most unwelcome gentleman on intimate terms with her hosts. She has met the reckless Sir James Stratton before and would like nothing more than to never encounter him again, but his acquaintance she is forced to endure. Struggling for firm footing amidst the whirlwind of London society, will Kitty be allowed to follow her heart, or will her family force her hand? Join the reimagined cast of Pride and Prejudice as they pursue happiness amidst the ongoing obstacles of life, love, and interfering relations

Lecture commencée le 13 Juin 2013, terminée le 14 Juin 2013

Mon avis : 
Un second opus plaisant, j'aime beaucoup la verve et la vivacité de Kitty (même si pour le coup, elle remplace un peu Lizzy). Son prétendant est à la hauteur et le tout se laisse lire avec beaucoup de plaisir. Une fois encore Mr Bennet tire son épingle du jeu même si le tout reste assez bisounours... Sauf pour Jane qui connait un épisode réellement triste... Cependant j'ai beaucoup aimé cette suite !
Ce que j'aime : Mr Bennet, la vivacité de Kitty et l'humour omniprésent. L'amitié entre Kitty et Georgiana
Ce que j'aime moins : Le personnage de Lydia, le côté bisounours

En bref : plaisant à lire mais pas mémorable...

Ma note : 5,5/10


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