Prude & Prejudice de Francene Carroll

Présentation de l'éditeur : It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with a name like Prudence Higginbottom must be in need of a good shagging.
Prudence Higginbottom’s youth was marred by the cruel taunts she endured over her unfortunate name, but at the age of twenty-six she has managed to rise above it all to become the part-owner of a café and catering business with her parents and three sisters in the small town of Merryton. When the Higginbottom family are hired to cater the opening function for a new business that has just relocated from London, Prue is excited as everyone else, especially when she discovers that the two company directors, Charles Bradley and William Darling, are handsome and single.
Her excitement, however, is short-lived. The first time she encounters William Darling at the company’s opening party he mocks her name and insults her appearance. She then overhears a conversation in which he expresses some very unsavoury opinions about immigration. It becomes her mission to expose him for the prejudiced, narrow-minded man that he is and prevent him from fermenting racial intolerance in her town.
Things become complicated when Prue discovers that she is not immune from prejudice herself, and William Darling behaves in ways that seem completely out of character for him. Through a series of misunderstandings and embarrassing drunken outbursts Prue and William finally get to know one another and realise that first impressions can be very misleading indeed. 

Lecture commencée le 01 Mars 2014, terminée le 01 Mars 2014

Mon avis : 

Alors une réécriture moderne de Pride and préjudice assez rapide et qui a effectué de grosses coupes dans le scénario original pour finir par ressembler à une romance basique... Certains jeux de mots sont assez amusants mais hélas, le manque de soin apporté au respect de l'original m'a déplu. Même si j'ai adoré Georgiana Wickham et le personnage de la mère  ! 
Le plus gros souci est que ça va vite, trop vite et on a du mal à commencer à s'intéresser aux personnages ... 

Ce que j'aime : la mère ! Sans conteste la plus réussie 

Ce que j'aime moins : les coupes franches et les raccourcis pris par rapport à l'original

En bref : Pas le pire, mais pas le meilleur non plus. Lu en une heure et oublié aussi vite.

Ma note : 5/10


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