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Six Inches Deep in Mud de Ayr Bray

Présentation de l'éditeur : In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice the reader is left to wonder what Mr. Darcy was thinking when he stood stoic and aloof.
In Six Inches Deep in Mud Ayr Bray has answered your musings.
Six Inches Deep in Mud begins as Mr. Darcy attends Mr. Bingley on an outing to dine with the officers. an event that he had not anticipated being enjoyable, but that turns out well, despite his apprehensions.
While they are out, Miss Caroline Bingley invites Miss Jane Bennet to tea. When she shows up, on horseback in the rain, she takes ill and must remain at Netherfield.
The following morning, Mr. Darcy is out with the Netherfield steward assessing the fenceline state of disrepair. He notices Miss Elizabeth Bennet making her way toward Netherfield. Watching her for a few moments, his mind is thrown into a dream that tempts the limits of his desires.
Will Mr. Darcy succumb to the temptations that his wife, Elizabeth Darcy lays before him, or will he withstan…