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The Jane Austen Diaries, tome 6 : Sensible and sensational de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : When Ellyn Dashwood’s family moves to Bloomfield, NM, she’s not sure she’ll fit in as easily as her wildly popular twin sister, Maralyn, will. Though they’re identical, since the day they were born, the two sisters were exact opposites. Maralyn attracted people to her like bees to a hive. However, with Ellyn’s autism, she’s positive she’ll never be considered more than awkward. That is, until she meets the totally hot Zane Ferrars.
Zane is the tall, smart, hot, athletic, kind—did we mention hot?—neighbor who has made it his mission to uncover Ellyn's secrets. She's a puzzle he's eager to solve. However, she soon finds out he’s got a few secrets of his own—secrets that will break her cautious heart if she’s not sensible enough to be careful.

This eagerly awaited new installment of the Jane Austen Diaries is a contemporary retelling of the classic novel Sense and Sensibility

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The Jane Austen Diaries, tome 5 : Mansfield Ranch de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : All Lilly Price had ever known was living in the shadow of her widely successful adoptive family. Until a twist of fate dealt Lilly the hand of the most popular guy in Bloomfield--instantly, everything flipped upside down. Now she must choose between the unavailable love of her life--or the guy who promises to be available forever.
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Après avoir dévoré les 4 tomes précédents, j'étais remplie d'enthousiasme à l'idée de celui-ci en dépit du fait que Mansfield Park est le roman de Jane Austen que j'apprécie le moins. Malheureusement, cette adaptation n'a pas su me faire changer d'avis. Je reconnais d'emblée la difficulté de transposer à l'époque moderne l'histoire (de cousins incestueux) de l'original... Sur ce point, Jenni James s'en sort bien : en faisant de Lilly une fille "accueillie", elle supprime d'entrée tout ce que l…

The Jane Austen Diaries, tome 4 : Emmalee de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : Sometimes love is blind.
Emmalee Bradford thinks she’s an expert at matchmaking, and she won’t rest until all her friends are as happy as she is. Especially Hannah, the girl she’s decided to make popular. Everyone loves Emmalee's advice--everyone, that is, except her annoying neighbor Chase Anderson, who has taken it upon himself to "fix" her.

This modern version of Jane Austen’s Emma is the hilarious journey of a girl who believes she knows all about love. But when it comes to recognizing the perfect guy for her, Emmalee is absolutely clueless.

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Une nouvelle ré-écriture chick lit de Jenni James et je suis toujours fan ! Elle reprend parfaitement le personnage d'Emma (en tous les cas, tel que je le vois) et le roman réussit sans problème sa transposition "chick-lit…

The Jane Austen Diaries, book 3 : Persuaded de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : Will he take her back, or fling her aside like she deserves?
Three years ago Amanda made the biggest mistake of her life when she let her friends persuade her to reject the guy she loved. They were convinced he was a loser and wasn't good enough for her.

Now Gregory's back in Farmington . . . taller, stronger, hotter than ever, and worth millions. Those gorgeous girls who snubbed him before are now falling at his feet and he's enjoying every moment of it.

Can he see past the pain Amanda caused him and give her a second chance? Or will she forever regret losing the only guy who truly loved her?

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Sans doute le meilleur de la série jusqu'à présent ! J'ai adoré cette réécriture moderne et young adult de Persuasion. Bien sûr l'auteure a aménagé l'histoire ( oui ses héros ne pouvaient pas être séparés depuis 8 ans, 3 étaient bien suffisants)  Amanda est…

The Jane Austen Diaries, tome 2 : Northanger Alibi de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : The Russo family and Seattle, Washington, are no match for Claire Hart and her savvy knowledge of all things vampire-related. Thanks to her obsession with the Twilight series, if there is anyone who would know a vampire when she saw one, it's Claire. And she's positive totally hot Tony Russo is a vampire - she just has to prove it!
In this modern retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, follow Claire's hilarious journey on her first summer adventure away from home, where she learns everything isn't what it seems, and that in some instances, reality is way better than anything she'd ever find in a book

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Frais ! Voici une adaptation moderne pas tout à fait fidèle (voir même pas du tout, exception faite des grandes lignes) de Northanger Abbey. Cette fois nous suivons les aventures de Claire (la …

The Jane Austen Diaries, tome 1 : Pride and Popularity de Jenni James

Présentation de l'éditeur : Chloe Elizabeth Hart despises the conceited antics of the popular crowd, or more importantly, one very annoying self-possessed guy, Taylor Anderson, who seems determined to make her the president of his fan club! As if! Every girl in the whole city of Farmington, New Mexico, is in love with him, but he seems to be only interested in Chloe.
This modern high school adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” is a battle of wits as Chloe desperately tries to remain the only girl who can avoid the inevitable—falling for Taylor

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Une ré-écriture chick lit plutot amusante même si le rapport avec l'original est parfois un peu approximatif... Cependant l'héroïne, Chloé, est plutôt sympathique, j'aime beaucoup sa relation avec Taylor, c'est bien mené et interessant avec des relents de Twilight, Pretty Little Liars et b…