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Emma de Katie Blu

Présentation de l'éditeur : Emma craves the intimacy of marriage without the contract and Mr. Knightley is obliging. But once he has her crying out for more, will she ever be the same?
Bored with country life—and having no intention of getting married herself—Emma plays matchmaker in her small community of Highbury. It isn’t long before her curiosity gets the better of her and she wonders at the benefits of married life. Can she have the cream without the cake? Emma decides to find out, but will Mr. Knightley’s bedroom talents prove more intoxicating than she expects, and will she be unable to leave their scandalous association with her heart unscathed?
Emma may have met her match in the most unexpected of ways.

Lu dans le cadre du Challenge 19ème siècle organisé par l'excellent blog Dans le manoir aux livres

Lecture commencée le 17 Février 2014, terminée le 23 Février 2014

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Une réécriture audacieuse d'Emma, le classique de Jane Austen. Katie Blu s'est att…