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Darcy and Elizabeth : A Time To Love de Marylin Harper

Présentation de l'éditeur :Fitzwilliam Darcy was at a low point in his life. He had proposed to Miss Elizabeth Bennet in Hunsford and she rejected him, even telling him that he was the last man in the world she would consent to marry. When he arrived in town he went to see his friend, Charles Bingley, to tell him that Elizabeth’s elder sister, Jane, loved Charles. After hearing this, Bingley told Darcy to leave his home. Darcy had lost his best friend and the only woman he had ever loved.
When he later returned to Pemberley, he had the surprise of his life when he nearly ran into Miss Elizabeth whilst she and her relatives were touring the gardens. She thought he hated her for rejecting his proposal, but when he asked her to introduce him to her relatives, she believed he had changed. Elizabeth saw a change in his countenance and knew that her feelings for him were changing. They had been changing ever since she read the letter that he wrote the night after his propo…