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Lydia Bennet's Blog: The real story of Pride and Prejudice de Valerie Laws

Présentation de l'éditeur : If you enjoyed ‘Lost in Austen’ or ‘Clueless’, you’ll love Lydia, the streetwise youngest Bennet, a modern teen living in Regency times. She’s funny, flirty, rebellious, obsessed with fashion and fit boys, and a force to be reckoned with. Find out what really happened behind the scenes in Pride and Prejudice as Lydia schemes to save herself and her clueless family from a cash-free future, and to get her man, the supremely sexy bad boy Wickham. By an odd quirk of history, Lydia’s generation use our teen-speak, though with Regency derivations. Whether you love or loathe Jane Austen or just like a good laugh, you’ll enjoy Lydia’s conniving, eavesdropping, Mr Collins-outing, Pa-baiting, shamelessly flirtatious and outrageous adventures.
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