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Vintage Jane Austen : Bellevere House de Sarah Scheele

Présentation de l'éditeur : It's March, 1937 . . .
And Faye Powell couldn't be happier. After moving to live with her uncle, a wealthy banker, she's fallen into the swing of life with his exuberant children--including Ed. The one she'll never admit she's in love with. But she hadn't reckoned on the swanky Carters getting mixed up in that vow. Ed seems to be falling for charming, sweet Helene Carter. And when Faye's cousin BeBe trusts her with a secret about Horace Carter, Faye is in over her head. Will she betray the confidence BeBe's given her? Will she lose Ed to Helene? The days at Bellevere House are crowded with surprises and only time will tell how God plans to unravel Faye and Ed's hearts.

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Mon avis :
Une version de Mansfield Park, qui, si elle campe une Faye plus attachante à mes yeux que Fanny, ne m'a pas pourtant pas convaincue. Déjà, je trouve que l'auteur…