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The Men of Jane Austen, tome 2 : Mr Knightley's secret de W.E. Dashwood

Présentation de l'éditeur : A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella in the Regency Style
There is a mystery in Highbury and several sleuths are on the case!

Mr. Knightley is acting quite unlike himself and his oldest friends astutely assess that he is bearing a heavy secret. They all endeavor to gain his confidence but Mr. Knightley refuses to confide in them.

Miss Bates, the eyes and ears of Highbury, is the first to notice that something is amiss with Mr. Knightley. He seems in a most foul mood, snappish and brooding, especially around Mr. Frank Churchill. She is determined to discover what could be the matter. Mr. Knightley has helped her and dearest Jane many times. Miss Bates cannot stand to see Mr. Knightley suffer so. But what could it be? To add confusion to the situation, Miss Emma Woodhouse is behaving just as strangely. There is something strange afoot in Highbury, the sleepy hamlet where nothing of note ever happens

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The Men of Jane Austen, book 1: Mr Darcy's regret de W.E. Dashwood

Présentation de l'éditeur : A story of secrets, misunderstandings, and heart-rending regret!
Elizabeth is visiting Charlotte at the parsonage when they are asked to dinner at Rosings. As hard as she tries, Elizabeth cannot be left at home and is forced to come face to face with the odious Fitzwilliam Darcy. With his angry words still ringing in her ears, Elizabeth braces for an evening of the greatest discomfort. But when Mr. Darcy’s sister Georgiana befriends her, Elizabeth begins to wonder if there is more to Mr. Darcy than his pride.

After his proposal goes terribly wrong, Mr. Darcy examines his own prideful nature and realizes that he has acted very badly. Georgiana encourages him to make amends in any way he can, but Mr. Darcy suspects there are some friendships that cannot be repaired, no matter how much love he feels for the clever young woman with the very fine eyes.

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