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Pride & Prejudice Continues, Tome 3 : The Darcys, The Ruling Passion de Linda Berdoll

Présentation de l'éditeur :Linda Berdoll's first novel, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, a sequel to Jane Austen's beloved Pride & Prejudice, was published in 2004. It and her follow-up, Darcy & Elizabeth (2006) have sold well over 300,000 copies, making them the best-selling Jane Austen sequels to date. "The Darcys: The Ruling Passion" is the third in this series. Reader beware: The faint of heart better hang onto your bonnets, for your sensibilities are in for a bumpy (and racy) ride.

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Mon avis : 
Des rebondissements de plus en plus improbables et des scènes prévisibles. Ce troisième tome s'essouffle en dépit des efforts de l'auteur... Par exemple, le développement de Daisy ou de Sally aurait pu être intéressant, surtout le côté "je recueille les filles mères" mais en fait .... non. J'ai plus eu l'impression que l'auteur cherchait …

Pride and Prejudice Continues, Tome 2 : Darcy & Elizabeth : Nights & Days at Pemberley de Linda Berdoll

Présentation de l'éditeur : Mr. and Mrs. Darcy have an exceedingly passionate marriage in this continuing saga of one of the most exciting, intriguing couples in the Jane Austen Literature.
As the Darcy's raise their babies, enjoy their conjugal felicity and manage the great estate of Pemberley, the beloved characters from Jane Austen's original are joined by Linda Berdoll's imaginative new creations for a compelling, sexy and epic story guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and gasping with delight.

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Mon avis :  Alors, un second tome qui, après les 80 premières pages qui résument le tome 1, part sur des chapeaux de roue. Entre Georgiana (qui a mené finement sa barque), Anne qui est victime des ambitions de sa mère, les calculs de Catherine, les déboires de cet imbécile de Bingley... J'aime particulièrement les aventures de Lydia. Après on a quand…

Pride & Prejudice Continues, Tome 1 : Mr Darcy Takes a Wife de Linda Berdoll

Présentation de l'éditeur : This sexy, epic, hilarious, poignant and romantic sequel to Pride and Prejudice goes far beyond being a Jane Austen sequel. It's Tom Jones meets Jane Austen meets Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, with essence of Scarlett O'Hara and the Wife of Bath thrown in.
Every woman wants to be Elizabeth Bennet Darcy-beautiful, gracious, universally admired, strong, daring and outspoken-a thoroughly modern woman in crinolines. And every woman will fall madly in love with Mr. Darcy-tall, dark and handsome, a nobleman and a heartthrob whose virility is matched only by his utter devotion to his wife.
Their passion is consuming and idyllic-essentially, they can't keep their hands off each other-through a sweeping tale of adventure and misadventure, human folly and numerous mysteries of parentage.

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Mon avis :  Une version sexy de la vie des Darcy, j'aime beaucoup la manière dont l'a…